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ESC Rennes School of Business welcomes Professor Emeritus Raymond E. Miles (University of California at Berkeley) on October, 25th 2012 for a research seminar.

which is a part of the C-TIM second year of research seminars series,.

Raymond E. Miles is Professor Emeritus and former Dean of the Walter A. Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley.  For the past two decades, Professor Miles' research and writing has focused on the interaction of organizational strategy, structure, and managerial processes. The conceptual framework and organizational typology emerging from his research (done in conjunction with Professor Charles C. Snow of Pennsylvania State University and others) are broadly used and have stimulated a continuing research stream.


In this research seminar, our colleague Laurent Scaringella will present a paper coauthored with Prof. Raymond Miles. The title of paper is “Exploring the Paths of Firms’ Successes and Failures in High Technology Markets”. Prof. Hans Borgman kindly accepted to act as discussant of the paper.




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