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The highly international faculty represents a critical resource for incoming PhD students.

Rennes School of Business fields of study are linked to our faculty specializations, which cover all management disciplines. The business school particularly welcomes students whose research interests are linked to its established research centres in Corporate Social Responsible, Innovation & Technology Management and Supply Chain Management.




Dr Mamatzakis, Emmanouil

Professor of Finance & Accounting

Director of Doctoral Programmes




"Combining rigor and relevance, our PhD programme prepares talented students for a rewarding career in academia. I look forward to personally welcoming you, with a structured programme and a network that reflects the strengths and ambitions of the School."





puce Admission procedure

Admission to the PhD programme is selective and open to students holding a Master’s degree relevant to their intended domain of study.


The following documents should be submitted as part of your application to the PhD programme:


  1. Application form, including an initial research proposal
  2. Master’s degree (official transcripts needed)
  3. Standardized tests results
    Required : TOEFL (paper-based 600, computer-based 250 or internet-based 100), IELTS (Total score 7 with a minimum of 6.5 in all assessments), or equivalent
    Encouraged but not required :
    Management studies aptitude tests: GMAT or GRE.
    We only accept results of test taken during the last three years
  4. Interview in person, via phone or Skype (for shortlisted students only).


Selection is based on academic qualifications, standardized test scores, a research proposal, and interviews with Rennes School of Business faculty.


puce Application deadline

Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis, with early applications strongly encouraged and a final deadline of May 31 for starting the following September.




The PhD programme in Management prepares students for international, research-driven academic careers or research positions in international companies or organizations. This is done by offering a structured doctorate degree programme that is both rigorous and relevant, using a combination of course work and a high quality original research thesis.




puce Programme Structure

The PhD programme in Management is full-time and combines advanced coursework and workshops as well as structured supervision to help students design, execute, and publish high quality research while being an integral part of a vibrant international research community. The official language of the PhD programme is English.

It is offered independently as a Rennes School of Business PhD degree and, for selected students, as a dual degree PhD with the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands and UCD Dublin Ireland; in this case, students will graduate with a PhD from both Rennes School of Business and the partner university. The choice between these options depends on the student, their supervisors, and the partner institution, and is formalized at the start of the second year.

The PhD programme ensures access to excellent resources, networking opportunities and a globally recognized research doctorate, which are key to a successful and rewarding career.


Year 4 Dual Degree PhD
Year 3 Thesis defence - PhD Research - Seminars - Conferences - Graduation
Year 2 Proposal completion - Defence - Workshops - PhD Research - Seminars - Conferences
Year 1


Strategy Elective 3 Elective 4


research methods


research methods

Statistics Behavioural
Elective 1 Elective 2




puce First year

The first year of the PhD programme offers an intensive combination of coursework, skills training and structured supervision, building towards the PhD proposal and defence (by the end of the second year, at the latest).

The curriculum includes a series of core research courses - including qualitative and quantitative research methods, research methodology, and doctoral level management courses - as well as elective courses, which can be chosen to suit the individual needs and interests of each student.

Students are strongly encouraged to reserve two of these electives - one in the first and one in the second semester of their first year - to work with their supervisors on the PhD proposal.

Additional electives can be drawn from the areas in which the School specializes or in the form of directed readings with an ESC Rennes professor, as agreed by the student’s supervisor and the PhD Programme Committee.


puce Years 2 and 3

In years 2 and 3, students continue to work on their PhD research while gaining experience in publishing papers, teaching, and other aspects of academic life.

By the end of year 3, student enrolled in the Rennes School of Business PhD may be ready to defend their thesis.


puce Year 4

Students enrolled in the dual-degree option with the University of Amsterdam or University College Dublin Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School (UCD Smurfit), Ireland, will spend an additional year to fulfil the requirements of both institutions, ending that year with the PhD thesis defence.



Dual degree PhD


The PhD programme is offered independently as a Rennes School of Business PhD degree and, for selected students, as a dual degree PhD with the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands or the University College Dublin Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School (UCD Smurfit), Ireland.


In this case, students will graduate with a PhD from both Rennes School of Business and the University of Amsterdam or University College Dublin Michael Smurfit.


The choice between these options depends on the student, their supervisors, and the partner institution and is formalized at the start of the second year.


Students enrolled in the dual-degree option will spend an additional year to fulfil the requirements of both institutions, ending that year with the PhD thesis defence.






Dr Van Dissel, Han

Dean of the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands


‘‘The Amsterdam-Rennes dual-degree PhD combines the dynamism of one of France’s most international Grandes Écoles in management with the tradition, reputation and resources of the University of Amsterdam. An excellent proposition for ambitious PhD students.’’







Dr O'Hogartaigh, Ciara

Dean of the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, Ireland



"The Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School in University College Dublin is delighted to partner with Rennes School of Business' PhD Programme, which gives doctoral students the opportunity to leverage the skills and traditions of both institutions. This partnership will add fresh perspectives which should benefit the practice of research and enhance the student's learning experience.”


Application Fees


There is a non-refundable application fee of 90 Euros.


puce Paiement des frais de dossier

puceFinancial support

Tuition waivers, student assistantships and funding to attend conferences and doctoral consortiums are available on a competitive basis.


Registered students



Aybar, Okan
Cohort 1

Research Interests: Term structure of commodity prices as forward indicators of inflation pressures and monetary policy practices.


Background and research: I am principal of Anatolia Capital Global Investments Advisors LLC, a Commodity Futures Trading Commission registered, National Futures Association member Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) company. My financial career began in 1997 as forex market maker and continued as broker and CTA over the course of years. I am interested in forecasting short term market moves though inter-market analysis. For this reason I focus on empirical research techniques such as Autoregressive models, Granger Causality, Co-integration, panel analysis and Principal Component Analysis.


Beatrix-Barbier-Christine right_vert Beatrix-Barbier, Christine
Cohort 1


Before deciding to pursue a career in academia, Christine gained an MBA in Germany and mainly worked in international marketing at Freescale as well as in business development at Siemens in Munich.


Ph.D research topic:

Since Christine started to work as project researcher for the CTim at ESC Rennes School of Business, she has been involved in several high tech collaborative as well as projects aiming at developing innovative products and services.

Those projects are mainly led by engineers who very often seem to suffer of a lack of necessary understanding and creativity in order to build innovative business models. Having completed a deep literature review, Christine became aware of the crucial need for further research on how novel business models are generated.

This exploratory research uses empirical data and is based on multiple case studies. It will attempt to identify which managerial and cognitive capabilities leaders need to foster business model innovation in fast moving markets.


right_vert Constant, François
Cohort 4


Research Interests: Purchasing, Management, Innovation

François has spent 15 years in the automotive industry at miscellaneous management positions, from Engineer to Purchasing Manager Europe. One day he realized he was killing business instead of developing innovation. So he decided to start a PhD in order to find answers to multiple questions he had…And of course to learn more, to meet interesting people and to have fun!

His is also a freelance consultant and teacher in purchasing management. Teaching, respecting people, hardworking are part of his personal values. Another important cornerstone in his life is traveling with my sailing boat: he will sail in the Atlantic Ocean with my family starting in July 2015 for 1 year hoping to sail to Brazil, Cuba, US and Canada.


right_vert Jabbouri, Rachid
Cohort 3


Rachid Jabbouri, a second year PhD student at the ESC Rennes PhD program. I do research about environmental actions and their impact on firm legitimacy.




Krishnama Raju, Vinod

Cohort 3


With a Bachelor's degree in Information Science and Engineering, and a Master's degree in Global Business Management, Vinod Krishnama Raju is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at ESC Rennes School of Business, starting from September, 2013.

His research interests mainly lie in the areas of strategic management, innovation, business models, co-creation, intermediation and IS.



Le_Hoang-Linh right_vert

Le Hoang, Linh
Cohort 4


Research Interests: Enterprise Risk management; Data analytics; Small and Medium Enterprises


Background and research: I have completed my bachelor of Business (Accounting) at RMIT University and my MBA degree at AIB University. I have experienced working as risk consultant and analyst at two first-tire companies, Grant Thornton and VinaCapital, in Vietnam. From the background, I have built up my research interest in the fields of Enterprise risk management, data analytics and business intelligence. My PhD research project seeks to contribute to the emerging fields of enterprise risk management (ERM), data intelligence and knowledge system. This aims to apply data intelligence related theories to enhance effectiveness of ERM practices for better risk-informed decision making and sustained business performance. This research provides exploratory and empirical studies on how the leverage of data intelligent generating from firm’s knowledge system enhances ERM effectiveness in emerging market.



Liu-Huiyuan right_vert

Liu Huiyuan
Cohort 4


Research Interests: Green Consumer behaviour; Green products marketing.

After completing my bachelor degree of mining engineering at Liaoning Technical University in China, I pursued an International Finance master’s degree at ESC Rennes Business School in France. I am now a PhD student of marketing management program at ESC Rennes. My research direction is to explore the relationship between the attitude and behaviour of Green Consumer, especially to explore the role of attitude in whole green consumption, how it effects consumers’ final decision about the green products.



Longondjo-Clement right_vert

Longondjo, Clement
Democratic Republic of Congo
Cohort 4


Research Interests: Corporate citizenship, sustainable socio-economic development, environmental policy and environmental and social impact assessment.


Clement is a PhD Student - Teaching and Research Assistant. Congolese (DRC), educated in South Africa, with background in environmental studies and social issues. His research interests include business ethics, CSR, sustainability and environmental planning. His PhD research project explores the roles of management approaches in turning waste into resources and therefore contributing to sustainable development. Specifically, the study looks at the roles of management approaches (stakeholder, social capital and institutional theory) in strengthening SWM stakeholder’s capabilities to create economic value over wastes.



Mitrojorgji-Linda- right_vert Mitrojorgji, Linda
Cohort 3


Linda Mitrojorgji is a second year PhD student in the dual degree program of ESC Rennes School of Business and Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam. Her research focus is on design, organizational learning and knowledge management.


Palusuk-Narissara- right_vert

Palusuk, Narissara
Cohort 4


Research Interests: Branding, Brand Personality, Brand Positioning


I come from Thailand. I am a lecturer at department of Marketing, Faculty of Management Science, Khon Kaen University, Thailand. Even though I worked for private company before but I decided to be a university lecturer because it is more than my own needs which it is “contribution”. I am pleased to provide my knowledge to students since they are mainsprings of the nation so this is my great pride in my life. Thus, I decided to become a professor in the field of marketing in the Faculty of Management Science at Khon Kaen University.

I really love marketing because it is creative subject that we do not learn or do the same thing in everyday or even in the same day. Marketing is all around us as so many things that we all do in our daily lives is based on marketing. In order to extend my knowledge and the higher degree in marketing is needed to become more professional, I decided to go to study PhD in management at ESC Rennes School of business, France, one of the leading institutions of higher education in France which I believe that your institution would greatly help me to develop potential, knowledge and performance of my marketing interest.

Also, I would like to complete my PhD course with dual degree PhD with the University of Amsterdam as it would provide me for more opportunity to broaden my knowledge and invaluable in pushing me forward to acquire crucial experimental research skills in marketing, and would open up new avenues in research for coming generations and provide me with the best opportunity to achieve my goals in the future especially in my academic life as I will return to be a professor at my current workplace by contributing all my knowledge gained from your institution to convey to students and develop potential of my research and academic works.



Saad-Ghadi right_vert

Saad, Ghadi
Cohort 4


Research Interests: Management, Politics & Finance

Background, Activities & Research: After completing my bachelor of science in business administration at the Lebanese American University, I pursued a master’s degree in Finance at Neoma Business School, Campus Reims, France. I had several experiences in the student life and Student Council during my Bachelor degree, in France and New York during my Master’s degree and in the professional work: Sales, brokerage and business analysis environment, mainly in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, covering many other Middle Eastern and Gulf markets.

I am currently a student in the PhD in management program at ESC Rennes School of Business working on the following research topic: “Impact of political events on financial markets” where I am focusing on cases from the MENA region trying to assess, from a quantitative perspective, the effect of severe political events on the stock as well as foreign exchange markets.



Srivastava-Veeresh right_vert

Srivastava, Veeresh
Cohort 4


Research interests: strategy, dynamic capabilities, international strategy

Veeresh did master’s degrees at Catholic University, Leuven and The Open University Business School, The UK and has been teaching strategy and marketing for universities like Liverpool, Lincoln and Murdock, among others. His educational exposure across multiple countries in three continents makes him interested in strategic issues that are emerging due to globalization and are likely to make a difference to firms across the globe. He plans to examine issues that affect a firm’s ability to capitalize upon its resources in dynamic and volatile international markets.



Vichiengior-Tunyaporn right_vert

Vichiengior, Tunyaporn
Cohort 3


Tunyaporn Vichiengior was a full-time lecturer in Burapha University for 2 years before she was sponsored by the university to pursue the PhD degree at ESC Rennes. She graduated a Master of Commerce in Marketing from Macquarie University, Sydney Australia. Her interest of research has always been consumer behavior. The topic for her dissertation is "The causes of anticipatory affect and its consequences for consumption evaluations".



Yitzhaky-Lior- right_vert

Yitzhaky, Lior
Cohort 4


Research Interests: Cross Cultural issues in ‎Management Control systems

As a CPA, Lior's research interests are in the area or Management accounting and specifically Management control systems (MCS). Lior intends to conduct research that will identify the cultural impact on managers of multinationals from having a significant amount of sales to specific countries outside of their home country. Lior's research will inform the study of cross - cultural issues in MCS while allowing organizations to better understand and motivate their managers.


Graduated Students

puce Some former Students

Year of graduation




Thesis title

RYCHALSKI Aude France The Role of Customer Emotions in a Call Center Context


Sophie Netherlands Perceived HR Practices, Commitment, Job Performance and the preference of Early retirement among Older employees
2012 CLAASEN Cyrlene Namibia An Issue-Based Approach to Organisational Legitimacy: The Case of Namdeb





Intentionality effects on the outcomes of nascent venturing processes





An investigation into the operating characteristics of Unbalanced Asynchronous Unpaced serial production lines with multiple work stations and limited inter-station buffers





Investigating the Influences and effects on Customers' Perceptions of individual and multiple brands in a marketing alliance





Aspirational Marketing: Uncovering the Relationship between Aspirations and Luxury Brand Preference





Use and Effectiveness of Humour in Television Advertising: A Framework for the French Market





Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Learning and the Innovation Process





Using Dynamic Cultural theories to explain the viability of international strategic alliances: a focus on indo-French Alliances





The Role of Design Management as an integrating Function in New Product Development: A model based on High Tech Companies Operating in France





Re-constructing success: a Perspective from Small Firms' Owner-Managers





puce Testimonials

Lior Yitzhaky,
Cohort 4


As I complete the first year of the PhD program at ESC Rennes, I am very happy with my decision to enter the program. The courses held over the course of the year are extremely relevant and provide students with a very strong basis with which to develop their research and embark on an academic career. All instructors are very active in publishing and share their experiences with student, making the process very rewarding and effective. The University's triple accreditation also adds to the value of the degree.


right_vert Ghadi Saad,
Cohort 4

I consider being a student in the PhD in Management program an essential decision towards a successful research & academic future career. The program’ administrators had always been supportive and being a part of this program allowed me to enhance my research skills due to the full time courses, seminars, and workshops that we attend. ESC Rennes School of Business is crowned by the famous triple accreditation and located in Rennes, France which is considered a student city giving us an excellent environment to pursue our research successfully.


right_vert Clement Longondjo,
Democratic Republic of Congo,
Cohort 4


For me, studying Ph.D. at ESC-Rennes is a great opportunity and an unforgettable experience. The program meets the highest international standards both for research and teaching. One year only of studying at the School, I had intensive PhD seminars with highly skilled and successful researchers and teachers and I can pretend to meet the world with its multicultural students from different countries. Besides, I had interactive colleagues, highly skilled and successful researchers and teachers; experienced Faculty members supervise, encourage, drive and collaborate with PhD students to complete their projects while publishing in leading academic journals. Studying PhD at ESC-Rennes has definitely opened all doors for my academic career.




puce Dr. Emmanouil Mamatzakis
Full Professor, Finance & Accounting
Director of Doctoral Programmes


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Research and Doctoral Programmes
Executive Assistant to the Associate-Dean